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Phi Yaan-Zek

Guitarist & Composer

  • “Worlds Beyond Cause”, the dark, intense and daring PYZ debut album, is now available for the first time ever as a digital download exclusively from Bandcamp - check it out here.
  • There are new pages now on this site! First off we have the Videos page featuring the fabulous new promo video for “Adventures At Midnight”. There’s also now a new Download Singles page where you can buy the new PYZ singles “Phobos Eats Your Satellites” and “Maid With Spanish Fly (Luke Bedi Switch Remix)” as well as download free songs starting with a remixed and remastered version of “To See A World In A Grain Of Sand” from the “Holotropic Guitar EP”. More to come over the next months...
  • It is my sincere pleasure to announce that my new CD “Deeper With The Anima” is out now and shipping worldwide - you can order yours here.
  • Deeper CD Cover 3 (webpage)
  • I’m just putting the finishing touches to the long-awaited “Deeper With The Anima” companion CD, now due for release July 2012. It is indeed a mighty album (over 77 minutes long!) with much additional recording and fabulous new performances by Lalle Larsson and myself, plus special guests including bassist Bryan Beller.
  • Here it is! "Dance With The Anima" - Phi’s most epic and delicious new CD with Über drummer Marco Minnemann is now available to order.
  • DWTACDcover